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My husband could never get calls if he went into a supermarket or the mall. I had a phone from Net10 I had used briefly then cancelled because I wasn't using it. So we tried (and I mean tried) to switch his number to my old phone (I say old but it was like a year old). It was bad enough that he was going to lose all the minutes he had accumulated (which is really lousy). But we had to jump through all kinds of hoops and spent ages on the phone to get it done.

We both had to talk to 2 people because it was such a freaking ordeal. The first person kept demanding an Airtime card number. When, after numerous attempts, I finally got her to understand that we have never, in the 5 years of having the phone had an Airtime card, that we just had an online account, she just says "Oh, then I can take a debit or credit card". Really? 10 minutes of back and forth over a *** Airtime card and now "oh I can take a credit card"? I wanted to scream! Then she said the card wouldn't go through. I ended up asking for a supervisor - which meant going through everything all over again.

The supervisor found an error of some kind (she didn't say what - just that there was an error) and I had to wait for several minutes while she fixed our account. Then - surprise, surprise, our card went right through. She gave me an activation code and we hung up. That was this past Thursday. It is now Monday. I have not been able to activate the phone. The original phone is inactive and the phone we were transferring to is inactive. We've had no cell phone since we spoke to Net10 on Thursday. Fortunately, we still have a land line.

I have spent hours on the phone and on live chat. They can not figure out how to get the phone to activate. Oh - the Net10 Forums! What a joke! You post a question there and they respond that they have sent you a private message - well that message is just a link to go to the tech support live chat. That's it. Nothing else. Heaven forbid they just post that link in the forum to help other people keep from wasting time, but apparently it some sort of security measure. ????

So after literally hours invested in useless tech support, we have given up and cancelled our service. We asked to have the $38 fee for transferring the number refunded. They won't do it. It's non-refundable. That's ***! The charge is for transferring the number. They were never able to successfully transfer the number. The CS rep on the phone just kept saying well if you would talk to tech support.... I have! Multiple times - for hours!!!!!! How many times do you have to have them fail to help before you realize it's futile? She even asked me what the error code was, as though she might be able to figure it out. Yeah, like that would happen. It's now Monday, this has been going on since Thursday.

I asked for a supervisor, she said she was (sure!) So I said, you must report to someone, I want to speak with them. I was on hold for a couple of minutes and then she said her immediate supervisor was busy and did I want to hold. I held on for a bit then we decided that my husband would just go to the bank and refuse the charge on our card. I told her that they were useless and the worst customer service ever, that we were going to have our bank refuse the charge and I hung up. She actually called back and said we got disconnected. I told her I hung up on her and why. She again asked me to talk to tech support. Seriously? I know it's her job, but come on. How many days/hours do you invest with a company for something that should be simple before you say enough is enough? I think 4 days is enough - more than enough. Avoid these people.

The few dollars you may save is not worth the unreliable reception and the near non-existent customer service. Plus they will nickel and dime you for every cent they can get from you.

Review about: Net10 Wireless Cell Phone Activation.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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