I recently lost my job, so I was losing my Sprint phones because I could no longre afford to pay the $400 for my four phones. So, I ordered three phones (all I could afford at the time) with overnight shipping because I did not want my boyfriend to go to work and not have a phone because we had no idea what time he would be getting off.

This was 2am Monday morning. I figured at latest they would get here sometime Tuesday. Come Wednesday, still no phones. So I call them and I tell them to cancel the order, and that I want my money back.

Again, it has been three full business days (All day Monday, Tuesday, and I called at 8 pm Wednesday.)

I was pissed but I decided that I would be as calm as I could.

The woman that I am on the phone with states that she canceled the order, but it will take 24hr for the order to be cancled, then two weeks to be processed, and up to sixty days for it to be added back onto my card. SIXTY DAYS!

That means that I am without a phone, and without my money to get me a different phone for two months.

I spend over thirty minuets on the phone with the first lady, then she transfers me to her manager. I cannot understand a word he is saying, so I ask after only a few minuets if I can be transfered to someone with less of an accent. He transfers me to his supervisor. I do not know how this man became a supervisor, because he was rude and unhelpful.

I asked him to return my money

"I am unable to do that at this time."

I asked him to send me to another person

"I am unable to do that at this time."

I asked him to give me his boss's phone number

"I am unable to do that at this time."

I asked him why he could not process it.

"I am not able to do that at this time."

I hope no one ever orders something from them ever again. I told them that if they were going to keep my money than they needed to send me my phones. They said that there would be no interruption in their sending process and that they would be there tomorrow (meaning Thrusday.)

Thursday comes and goes. I did not get my phones until Friday afternoon.

So beware. If you buy overnight shipping from Net10, beware that it means FIVE business days. I did nothing wrong, and I still had to pay for their ***.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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