Time to buy more time on my Net10 phone today. I've never had a problem buying online before, but this time it didn't work. Usually I buy with a few more days left in the kitty, but today was the last day to buy and if I didn't, the phone and the 800 minutes already purchased for it would expire.

When I entered my phone # and submitted the request for more time, the site told me the number was not valid. It would not let me continue. I looked around on the site for a way to ask someone what the problem was and how to get more time. All I found was a phone #.

So I called, using the soon-to-be-useless Net10 phone. No surprise--automated voice. I followed instructions, punching in numbers as needed, working my way through the list of questions. Then the phone stopped transmitting the numbers I pressed. It seems it has a limit to how many numbers it will handle, even if they're in answer to different questions. And of course, the Net10 "customer service" department made sure to ask for so many numbers that it overwhelmed the phone's capacity.

So I hung up (having wasted more than 3 minutes of phone time). Used a land line to call. Same spiel, same list of numbers to punch in. This time it worked, probably because they didn't control the phone I was using.

Yeah, I'm pissed. Not majorly, but enough to post. A transaction that should have taken 5 minutes online ended up taking 20 minutes and a lot of frustration. I know phones are a major racket, but come on. You're getting a big enough profit from me as it is.


Get living people to handle calls.

Don't shut us out of online purchases on the last day of our current supply.

Don't limit the number of numbers we can enter on our phone, especially when you're the one asking for the numbers.

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