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I purchased a Net10 Android on 12/24/11 at the Best Buy Mobile phone in the Avenues Mall, Jacksonville, FL. I had a Net10 phone previously and requested to have the new phone activated and the number transferred.

This was not done properly. I struggled for more than two months to get the phone working correctly. My husband and I spent more than 12 hours total on the phone with Net10 trying to get everything working properly. Net10 deactivated my phone often, for no apparent reason claiming that I had run out of airtime.

I signed up repeatedly for automatic bill pay to no avail. Somehow a second phone number became associated with my phone in the Net10 system even after my actual number was reactivated which hindered anyone from being able to resolve my problems. No one could seem to get the correct number associated with my phone in Net10's system. I knew what my phone number is and if someone dialed it, my phone rang.

Yet Net10 insisted that the number in their system was correct. If they called it, someone else answered and they were befuddled. Sometimes I could make calls on my phone, sometimes I couldn't. My text function stopped working after a month and was never repaired.

Even after hours on the phone with Net10 they could not seem to understand my problem or how to fix it. I finally became so dissatisfied with Net10's service that I went to T-Mobile, bought a new phone and signed a two year contract. I had hoped to avoid a contract hence originally signing up with Net10, however I was forced to switch to a company that knows how to do business after suffering through such incompetency at Net10 for so long. I spent $149 on a phone that never worked right with the phone number I wanted for any period of time.

Please do not contact me in an effort to repair the phone.

Only contact me if you are willing to do the right thing and provide me a refund. Net10 is awful and I will tell everyone I know what a bad experience I had.

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I upgraded to the android option on Net 10. When I had my regular Net 10 phone I had service EVERYWHERE.

When I originally activated my Lg Optimus Net, I had absolutly no service problems. I ran out of minutes and went to the local library to add more minutes. since then have had NO SERVICE in most of the areas I frequent. No one at net 10 seems to have the answer.


If they cant fix my probalem Im switching service providers. End of story.

Bluebell, Utah, United States #445620

In 2011, I purchased a Net10 pre-paid wireless phone and activation card, and was assigned a phone number. THIS PHONE WAS USED FOR MY BUSINESS.

It began normal.

I spent over $200 to place an ADVERTISEMENT with this new phone number in the ad.

Without notice I discovered that Net10 changed my phone number approximately 1 week into the first month of service!

Customer service remedied the issue.

Approximately 1 week later, I lost service completely!

Customer service informed me that they could not resolve my issue, and I demanded a refund.

Customer service transferred me to an agent who admitted his job was to first try to talk me out of canceling my service and getting a refund. When I made it clear why i was canceling and how I had lost a lot of money because of Net10, he processed my refund telling me the exact dollar amount to be refunded for the phone itself PLUS the 1 month service card which was not only never valid to begin with, but it ended up causing me to lose money because of my ADVERTISEMENT and existing and potential clients were unable to call my business.

I wrote everything down, and asked the rep to repeat the details to be sure I was getting my full refund.

When the refund arrived, it was only for the phone!!!

When I called back, they informed me that the rep was wrong and they refused to refund the 1 month service card "because it had been activated".

Not to mention, I had to send the phone to Net10 and pay the shipping cost myself.

I never called the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU because I've never done that and dont know what all is involved, and by now I no longer have my receipts and notes and exact dates.

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