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My husband and I have been Net10 customers for over three years now. We have purchased several phones and uncounted minutes of service from your company. We have managed to get by with very little trouble - other than constantly having to call to get minutes added to our phones when the system doesn't take the PIN numbers "" and we have even talked several others into getting your service for themselves. All in all, I would say that we are good customers.

Which is why this is so frustrating. My husband decided that he needed to upgrade his phone from the old candy-bar style LG to the newer LG900. Since old phone number is connected to our business, before purchasing the new LG900 we verified that the phone number and the minutes cold be transferred. So far, so good. We get our new phone quickly, and my husband immediately calls Customer Service to get the transfer started. Here is where the troubles begin.

CALL#1 7-26-11 @3pm My husband calls CS to start the transfer of the phone number and the remaining balance (which is two days of service). The lady on the other end is having trouble and cannot bring up any of the information on either phone. He sits on hold for 30 minutes before telling the CSR to cancel it because we have things to do and cannot wait any more. She cancels the order, he decides to call the next day and try again. The next morning, however, our old phone has had the SIM unregistered and will no longer work, but the new phone doesn't work either. So here is where we stand- NO WORKING PHONE. PERIOD. Remember this is also a business phone and our customers now have no way to get in touch with us.

CALL #2 7-27-11 @11am My husband walks to the neighbor's to use their phone, since neither of our works now. He is on the phone with a CSR this time for another hour, NOT counting being on hold. The phone issue is straightened out and the new phone activated, complete with a free month of service. Yay! All is good, right? NO. Dennis tried to use the new phone, and was met with a recording telling him that the service he is attempting to use is restricted or unavailable. What?

CALL#3 7-27-11 @1pm Back through the menu tree AGAIN, another half hour on hold, and now we are told that the SIM card in the new phone is bad. The new phone that was JUST SHIPPED from the website. By now Dennis has become very frustrated and when the CSR tells him that it will be another 3-5 business days before we get a new SIM card he…well, let's just say his blood pressure went dangerously high. Now it's MY turn.

CALL #4 7-27-11 @3pm I call CS and sit through the menu tree AGAIN, and sit on hold for another 20 minutes, and this time the CSR again says the problem is a bad SIM card. I insist on switching back to the other phone. She cannot help me so she passes me to another CSR who does attempt to change the numbers back but cannot because the transfer has already gone through attached themselves to the new phone. He offers to reactivate the old phone with a new number, which was a nice idea, bit I explained to him that it was a business phone and a new number did not help my customers. I then suggested that since the problem was on their side that I have the SIM card overnighted to me. The gentleman could not help me with that himself so he escalated me to another supervisor, who took all of my information, including my shipping address (which they already had since they JUST SHIPPED ME THE PHONE two days earlier) and assured me that the SIM card would be to me the next day. I was also given the supervisor hotline so I would not have to work my through the menu tree again if there were problems. Satisfied, I hung up and waited to get my SIM card.

5pm the next day? Still not here.

CALL #5 7-28-11 @5pm So now I am getting a little peeved. I walk back over to the neighbors, call the hotline, and ask why I have not received my overnighted SIM card. The reply? I SWEAR this is what she said- "We could not contact you by phone to get your shipping address so it was not sent."

WAIT- You tried to call me on the phone that doesn't WORK because I am waiting for the SIM card for it?And what do you mean, need my shipping address? I gave it to you yesterday, and you JUST SHIPPED ME A PHONE THREE DAYS AGO!

Then the lady tried to tell me that it would be 24-72 hours before I would get my SIM card and I explained to her that NO, the deal was I had my SIM card overnighted to me, and that was what I wanted. She tapped some keys while I waited some more, then said it would be sent overnight, gave me a ticket number to track it with (which, by the way, does not seem valid when I try to use it) and also offered another free month of service. That's nice and all, but what good does free service do me when I don't have a phone to use it on?

So here is where I stand now. It has been two business days without a business phone, 5 calls to Net10, about 6 hours on the phone, most of it on hold, and I STILL do not have my SIM card. While your CSR's were polite and tried to be helpful they seem to be hamstrung by idiotic policies and redundancies within your system. This is one of the worst and most frustrating experiences I have ever had trying to deal with a company and I am seriously considering going to another phone service if this cannot be resolved. I also intend to Tweet about this as well as send a copy of it to the Consumerist.

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I been a Net10 customer for a long time now and I believe I have found the trick to get better service, first of all remember the country they outsource to is a country where the people respond very well to kindness, be polite make sure you thank them when they do something right, be patient, flying into a rage will get you flagged in their system and you will from thereon always be at the end of the line on hold forever and get the newbie representatives when you call.

In other words remember that they understand you just as bad as you understand them. good luck and remember you get what you pay for with a prepaid phone.

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