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I was trying to buy 750 minute monthly plan and in the middle of the process they offer a global card for 10.00 extra they have a skip button but it will not work(it comes up with "fail" in red) I tried to bypass it numerous times and could not finally I pressed add and voila! Out 10 dollars because I will never use that.

What a *** job.. Other various problems with them also.

Too many to mention...Moving to new service end of month. Hope they get fried.They are worthless, nothing but headaches with them and No customer service to speak of.

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Mission, Kansas, United States #662667

It got fixed today :)

Mission, Kansas, United States #662496

Same problem, but I have 8 days and 600 minutes left. If problem is not resolved in 8 days; I will write off the 600 minutes and move along. :(

Everett, Washington, United States #662471

Yeah, I have the same problem, dumb bastards.

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