I first got involved with Net 10 in June of this year. Bought a brand new phone from a retail store, when I tried to just ACTIVATE it - found out it was defective.

Spent hours on the phone waiting for a person that I could hardly understand when I was finally able to talk to them. I had to wait five days for a new phone to come. I have the new phone (which I put a $20 memory card in) for three months and then suddenly half my pictures were gone and when I finally got a hold of someone they blamed my memory card - ummm - after 3 months???? I spoke to this person after another lengthy wait and yes the music is beyond awful and again could hardly understand who I was talking to.

Finally I was told I once again had another defective phone and they were "so sorry" for the pictures that could not be replaced. I specified clearly I needed to keep my old number when I got my new phone. Well surprise, surprise, they changed it on me. I called Net 10 again, another lengthy wait, was reassured they would resolve my problem and give me my old number back.

The person asked for another number to call me and I gave them one. I had to put in 20 codes and my phone number still didn't come back. They told me to hold while they transferred me - I was hung up on. So again I call and wait, they give me back to the same person who ends up not knowing what to do.

I call a third time and specifically ask for a supervisor who tells me that she will send me a new SIM card for my phone - been two weeks - have received nothing. I have gotten a replacement phone and had to order another memory card. When I went to transfer what was left on defective phone - I had one picture out of 510 that was sacrificed. Amazingly my old number is still working on my defective phone.

I called today after not receiving my SIM card and after a lengthy period was given to a supervisor who informed me I could not have my old number back because it had expired. So I asked this lady to call it so she could hear that it still worked, she tried to shut it off. She still said I could not have my number back. So I told her that I would keep the defective phone until this was resolved.

She finished our conversation by giving me a number to call - wouldn't tell me why. But surprise surprise - the number was bogus. If anyone knows how to reach the main person of this awful cell company and an address - please inform because I am not going down without a fight.

How on earth is a working number expired? Who are these people and do they even know what the heck they are doing?

Review about: Net10 Wireless Cell Phone Activation.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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