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The ppl at net ten can't help you with nothing at all.I paid my hard earn money to refill my services. And 6 days now and no data services.

Nobody can understand nothing you say.all they so is transfer you to nothing. No supervisors, no help and it is making me so upset. I wanna file a lawsuit cause if I ant getting what I pay for then what am I paying for. I am so upset and I am done with net 10 but I want my money back.

And technical support don't know nothing and can't do nothing and also they tell me my serial number is not the one in their system. How my phone work then.I work in technical support for a real company and we help ppl.not transfer them to a person dat don't exist.

I am so tired of this and I want my money back and they need to be sued because this is a scam and I am gone tell everyone about this scam.I want my data I pay for and point blank.false advertising. And something needs to be done today r I will have my lawyer involved and I want have to pay him just 250.00 to do this claim for me and its gone get serious and also.my lawyer has a number

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I agree. I do not understand how they are still in business.

I thought the reason I had so much trouble at set up was because I was trying to use my own phone rather than buy one from them, but it appears that doesn't matter.

Online forums are a joke too.

What finally helped me was searching YouTube (for my phone and APN which was my problem).

Hope this helps someone else.

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