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Approx. On Feb.

23, 2014 I called to transfer a phone number to a new android phone. Should have been a easy and simple transaction. I did the same thing with straight talk and had no problem. Anyway they lost my number said it was used (still on my old phone) old phone not deactivated yet.

Finally said to follow *22890 for activation. Phone activated, problem number not attached. Called back. This went on for 4 days.

Finally my USED number was reattached. My account is set up on automatic draft.

but refill date was changed 20 days added for new end date. Well phone was turned OFF 3-4-2014 (original auto draft date) So 3-5-14 at 7:am my calls to customer service begin. FIRST automated says my number is NOT a net ten phone so I have to go through this useless auto to speak to a real person.

This rep. says my number can't be attached, can't answer my question. So I get transfered to "SPECIAL SERVICES" Who is able to attached the number back and reactivate the phone.HOWEVER somewhere someone lost my cc info. REALLY?

I was told "Special Service" dept could not attach my cc info to my account and I would have to be transfered yet again. NEEDLEES to say I am a HOT call and refuses the transfer so he did do what he said he couldn't. I thanked him for that, although still mad and ask him how this happened for a 4rd time in the years we have been with this carrier. He be gain having PROBLEMS hearing me.

Yea okay called him on it. He got quite so told him to go ahead with the NET TEN typical goodbye. Guess what phone still off! I will try a little later.

If no service or wrong number I'm on the phone again. Very POOR customer service. They will not compensate for lost days. And representives are poorly trained and politely rude, as well as 1 female floor manager.

I am mad and disgusted with this service. I will be transferring my service. There is NO excuse for the way customers are treated or talked to. I would NEVER recommend this service to anyone.

Its a waste of breath talkingto this ccompany's representives they DONT CARE and don't care if you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way the added 20 days were taken back (readjusted).!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Net10 Wireless Phone Service.

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