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I originally had Sprint but was paying over $100 a month, so I decided to look around for a cheaper no contract option. After reviewing plans and phones that were available I decided to go with NET10, they had a better phone options and you were able to make payments on the phone. So I went with the Samsung Galaxy Light T399, and the monthly plan of $45 a month (with auto-fill) for unlimited talk, text, data. When I ordered the phone I was super... Read more

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My husband could never get calls if he went into a supermarket or the mall. I had a phone from Net10 I had used briefly then cancelled because I wasn't using it. So we tried (and I mean tried) to switch his number to my old phone (I say old but it was like a year old). It was bad enough that he was going to lose all the minutes he had accumulated (which is really lousy). But we had to jump through all kinds of hoops and spent ages on the phone... Read more

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Have 2 phones on auto enroll, so every month they take money from bank account for 2 phones on unlimited monthly auto enroll. 2nd phone is for my elderly mother, well low and behold she loses her phone, so I call and tell them its lost to turn it and i will get a new phone to activate. Today i get a new phone for her, go to website to try and switch it over the *** thing gives me 10 minutes and a new number so here i go calling *** third world... Read more

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This is the complaint I filed with Net10 after no response. Aug 24 03:59:03 CDT 2013] ADDITIONAL ATTEMPT DOCUMENT 3 FOR FILES. SERVICE OUT FOR 42 HOURS AND YOU SAID ONLY 24, WHEN WILL I RECIEVE A REFUND FOR MISSED COVERAGE? So far I have had 36 people requesting additional information about the BBB complaint and this post I have on the internet. Today I had the same nightmare. The only difference is I spent an hour on the phone talking to... Read more

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I received my phone ordered directly from the website. It came with what I found out later was the wrong company’s sim card. They sent it with a T-Mobile, and it should have come with a TracFone card. OK, send me a new one. So they took my address, repeated it back to me. Verified it again, and repeated it back to me again. I live in Tracy, CA. The SIM card, which was linked to my ported number from Verizon was rapidly (overnight)... Read more

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I enrolled in the auto enrollment payment plan in order to receive $5 off a month (rather than pay $50/month, I would pay $45/month) - not a huge savings, but it was a savings. For 8 months now Net10 has continued to charge me the full amount. They offer refunds that they do not issue and they offer credits on your next bill, which you will never see. All customer service agents are overseas and of NO assistance whatsoever. The time I have... Read more

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I purchased a UNLIMITED refill card for my iPhone 4 which is usually unlimited everything, but in my case since I have ATT which they sprung on us customers suddenly, 1.5 GB for data was the limit. I was ok with that. So I add my card to my account and phone part worked, NO INTERNET. They said that I exceeded the data limit when I didnt even USE MY PHONES INTERNET AT ALL YET, just filled it up. So 15 days later they say sorry theres nothing they... Read more

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Have had them for 4 months, they suspended my data at under 1 gig of use when their terms and conditions state if you go over 1.5gb it will be suspended till your new billing cycle begines, and then when my next billing cycle began they kept the suspension active. so I paid $54.00 including taxes for talk/text with no data... they said the computer generates it they cant over ride it... WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!! STAY AWAY FROM... Read more

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I purchased a Net10 ZTE Merit phone in mid-December 2012. The first week I had it, it constantly shut off and froze up. Because it was brand new, I returned it to Net10 (via a month long process...yes, I had to go without a phone that I had already paid a month's service for because they would not send me a new one first. FINALLY, they send me a replacement at the end of January, with no apology or a discount on the next month's... Read more

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The wost thing that could happen to a phone customer.No customer service, Poor customer service once u get a chance to speak to someone, most importantly, once you sign up with them, u cannot move to another company. They WILL NOT F@@@K GIVE YOU YOUR account number!!! Will never ever re commend anyone to this *** company. Run away from ATT, Net 10, Tracfone and Straight Talk, simple Mobile etc etc Hopefully, one day the will be denounce for who... Read more

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